Useful Sites

This is a list of sites that you might find helpful or interesting.

Consumer Help

Citizens Advice – this is the main Citizens Advice website – they cover all sorts of issues. They have a website that is dedicated to consumer issues.

Consumer Forums

If you have a particular problem then it might be worth checking out one of these forums (they are all UK based).

Either browse through the specific forum that relates closest to your problem or use the search facility.

A word of warning – remember these forums are made up of normal people – I have seen lots of good stuff on these forums but I have also seen plenty of terrible advice. You should take things with a pinch of salt and always do your own further research to make sure the answer you have obtained is correct.

You should bear in mind that some forums are very biased so the posts may not represent the real world or best advice.

Money Saving Expert Forums

Leagle Beagles Forums

Legal – this website contains the text for most laws in the UK. Be careful though as not all laws are up to date.

British and Irish Legal Information Institute (BAILII) – this website contatins transcripts of British and Irish court cases.


A selection of blogs that I have found interesting.

FOIman – a blog about Freedom of Information.